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LSZH Toxic Cables : Cables when subjected to fire condition, the insulation and sheathing material which consist of organic compounds breakdown resulting in the release of halogen gas and toxic fumes. However, the composition of such fumes are related to the compounds used for insulation and sheathing. In case of a fire, the emission of these gases cause danger to human lives, extensive damage to electronic equipments and creates major hindrance for fire fighting. It is also important for a cable to operate directly under fire condition to supply power to the emergency and fire fighting system.
keeping these exacting demands in mind, UDEY PYRO has introduced "Low Halogen Low Toxic Cables" which are specially suited to operate in a fire risk situation.
    Fire Survival cable properties  :
    Low Halogen Emission :  Virtually free from halogen gases.
Flame Retardant :  Reduced flame spread and self-extinguishing once the flame is removed.
Non-flame Propagation :   When ignited by a flame source does not allow fire to spread even if a cable bundle is placed vertically. Cable are self - extinguishing once the flame is removed.
Low Toxic Gas Emission :  During fire condition small quantity of toxic gases mainly, CO, CO2 are inevitably emitted. Fire Survival Cables are designed to limit these toxic gases within safety level.
Low Emission of Corrosive Gases :  Corrosive Gases react with moisture to produce active acids which corrode metals causing extensive long term damage. Often these gases spread throughout the building through the ventilation system or within the entire installation. This is particularly damaging to electronic equipments and even to the exposed steel structures or even the concrete enclosed steel structures.
Reduced Smoke Emission :  In fire condition smoke emission greatly hampers visibility to an extent that escape and rescue routes are not recognisable. This jeopardises the safety of people in public buildings, station, airports, hotels, subways station etc.
High Inflammability :   It is preferred at high temperature the mechanical strength should be retained to a minimum level and are infusible (i.e. the insulating and sheathing material does not drip) and therefore ensure high short circuit security.
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