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Typical Construction (Generally Confirming to IS 9968 Part-1)

 Conductor  Annealed Tinned Copper Conductor, Flexible, Class 5 complying with the requirements of IS 8130/84
 Seperator Tape

 Suitable material separator tape may be applied over the conductor.


 General service Elastomer Compound Type IE 1 of IS-6380/1984


 Heat Resistant Elastomer Compound Type IE 2/IE 3  of IS-6380/1984


 Silicon Rubber Type IE 5 of IS-6380/1984

 Core Identification

 Coloured Insulation, Coloured proofed cotton tape,  Number printing.

  Natural fibers or elastomer suitable for the operating temperature compatible with the insulation   material.

 General service sheath Type SE 1 /SE 2 of IS-6380/1984

   Heavy Duty Sheath Type SE 3 /SE 4 of IS-6380/1984
    Custom cables are available upon request which can utilize any number of construction features such as:
    Conductor    :  0.5 to 630
    Screen :  Tinned Copper Wire Braid / SS Wire Braid
    Armour  :  Pliable Armour or Steel / Copper Wires / Stainless Steel
    Voltage  :  1.1 KV to 11 KV  
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