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    Shielded Cable
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Where Other Cables May Fail
Silicon Rubber Cables
Will Succeed !


If you need cables


To survive extreme temperatures from -73°C to +180°C

Silicon Rubber Cables

To withstand high voltage in their temperature range

    To resist flame and fire without protective braids and gases are non toxic

To resist the effects of weather, ozone, radiation

    Which will not melt at even higher temperature than the temperature range

Which are tough, abrasion resistant, yet easy to strip, flexible and light in weight.




Nuclear Thermal Power, Electrical Machinery for class B,F & H, Soot Blowers, Boiler Rooms, Turbine Controls, Ladle & Pit Cranes, Rheostats, Transformers, Ballast’s, Motor Auto Stress Boiler, Refineries Open Hearths, Steel Plants, Glass Plants, Diesel Locomotives Heat Treating Cement Klins, Appliances, Electrical heating Ovens, Dryers, High Voltage Furnace Equipment, Leads for Halogen Lamps.




High Temperature Operations

    Flexibility – ( Over a range of temperature )
    Ozone & Sunlight Resistance
    Flame & Radiation Resistance
    Moisture Resistance

Corona Resistance


Reliability & Long Service Life

    Excellent Electrical Characteristics

Single / Multi core Wires with Fibre Glass Braid + Varnish


Shielded cables with copper wire Braid  / Aluminium Polyester Shield + drain wire

    Armour by G.I. / SS 316 wire Braid

High Voltage Lead Wires 3.3, 6.6, 11, 22 KV ( Higher Voltage on request )


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